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Temple of yue Fei

Temple of Yue Fei

Temple of Yue Fei: Built more than 770 years ago, the temple is dedicated to Yue Fei, a Southern Song general and national hero who was put to death as a result of a political frame - up engineered by a treacherous courn official. "Recovering the land of my motherland" from enemy hands was the fallen general ' s cherished goal

West Lake

Hangzhou's fame rests mainly with the picturesque West Lake, The lake is located on its western fringe. Covering about four square miles, West Lake is surrounded on three sides by rolling wooded hills. At the center are three  isles - Lesser Yingzhou, Mid-lake pavilion and Ruanggong Isle. Solitary Hill stands by itself on the northern lake shore. It can be reached from the city by Bai Causeway, While Su Causeway bisects the lake from north to south. The blue, often rippling,  water way is dotted with elegant stone bridges and charming pavilions.

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